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It’s October: Where have women’s sports gone?

October 6, 2010 – 1:19 PM

By Laura Pappano

The Ryder Cup has just wrapped up. We are into the MLB Playoffs. NBA teams are in pre-season match-ups with the regular season kicking off in a few weeks. NHL is happening (as is NASCAR). And, of course, the NFL – pink gear and all – is going full tilt.

My point?

Look at what’s NOT happening during this sporty time: high profile women’s sporting events.

WPS and WNBA and women’s pro softball are done for the year. The closest college thing to a women’s pro sport, college basketball, hasn’t started yet (and when it does, good look catching a game on TV).  The Solheim Cup is done.  Ditto for the U.S. Open. Yes, there is a women’s pro football league that operates in the fall. And here’s pulling for Angela Ruggiero to launch a women’s pro hockey league…

But when we talk major sports yammering, media coverage, and plain old buzz, we are – right now in this fabulous time of year when the world is back from vacation and focused – completely absorbed by the drama of men’s sports.

Which leads me to ask: Why are women’s sports out of season?

I could talk about the history of “out of season” violations at the high school level, when women’s sports were nudged into less busy or high profile times, leaving men’s play for prime time.

Sure, that’s history – and it’s history about school sports, not pro. Is it a problem? It certainly strikes me as a disadvantage.  And it does make me wonder: Why, for example, can’t the WNBA play now? Now, when are hankering for basketball?

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  2. Don’t forget women’s college volleyball. I’m pretty sure it’s a popular fall sport but doesn’t get a lot of press until the tournament. If women’s soccer was a little more competitive (I’m sick of the same teams going to the semi’s every year and UNC always winning it all) it would be more interesting to watch. I think a lot of the WNBA players play overseas which starts around this time so that compresses the W’s season a bit. As a student and a fan of women’s sports, this is probably the time of year when I get the most school work done! ; )

    By Jay on Oct 6, 2010

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