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It’s not enough to complain, we’ve got to woman-up, too

January 5, 2011 – 10:33 AM

By Laura Pappano

Part of our job at FairGameNews is to point out inequities. Some (deaf to yammering from the other side) find posts too bold a punch. That’s fine. Debate is good.

There is, however, plenty to get lathered up about (media coverage, urban girls’ access to sports, salaries, scheduling of games/sport seasons, ticket price differences between men and women’s college sports, institutional support, broadcast schedules, etc…)

But it’s also important to recognize that we have a responsibility. It’s not enough to rage against the machine. Here are six things you can do this year:

  1. Attend girl’s sporting events – and bring friends. Help build a culture in which girl’s teams receive the same attendance and support as boy’s teams.
  2. Buy tickets to women’s professional sports like WPS (and tune into the draft next Fri. online!) and WNBA. Again, vote with your purse and your feet. Be a consumer of women’s sports.
  3. Tune in to watch women’s sporting events on TV. Build ratings for women’s games – and interest to move them into prime time.
  4. Be informed. Read and talk about sports. Women are a growing and increasingly significant share of the sports market – both for sports and sports-related consumer goods (hence espnW). Help build that power.
  5. Get out and play. Participating matters, not just for your own fitness, but also for the example it sets for others (including kids!).
  6. If you need to buy a baby gift this year, a birthday gift for a child, donate toys, or otherwise make a choice for a child, challenge yourself to defy gender stereotypes. (My solution in an Xmas toy drive: pink sports equipment. While I’m not a fan of the pink movement, it did guarantee that the softball gloves and soccer balls I bought would end up in a girl’s hands. That equipment offered an alternative to the huge bin of Barbies, a donation staple).
  1. One Response to “It’s not enough to complain, we’ve got to woman-up, too”

  2. Love the suggestions! Practice what we preach. And I love the sports equipment idea…..wish I had thought of that!

    By Katie on Jan 10, 2011

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