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It’s not exactly a ballot, but brackets matter: Fill yours out!

March 14, 2011 – 9:37 PM

By Laura Pappano

It’s March Madness for a reason. Yes, UConn is dominant, but with injuries and defections, and rising teams from Baylor, Stanford, and Tennessee, who knows? This is college, after all.

Too much March Madness talk presumes that it’s all about the men’s bracket. But if the waiter who just served us dinner can have his men’s partially filled-out men’s bracket folded and tucked into his back pocket, women can catch the fire, too. Brackets are about collegiality, competition — and getting through mud season.

Yes, it looks like office-cooler fun and games, but its more than that. This is political because filling out brackets is about committing to watch, and talk, and follow. It is about building a fanbase. The friendly office pool should not only track the men’s side of the NCAA (as too many do).  So, go ahead, be a revolutionary and run your own using the women’s brackets. Print them here. Collect them by Friday. Watch the play starting on Saturday.

Go ahead and enjoy the power. It’s like voting in a non-election year.


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