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Women’s College World Series 2011: All about the HR. Two college players talk college ball.

June 7, 2011 – 7:46 AM



Former college player Megan Wood and current college player Rachael Goldenberg discuss the Women’s College World Series.

By Megan Wood and Rachael Goldenberg

Megan: First off, can we please talk about the gender performance of the players?

Rachael: Make-up, and bows and jewels, oh my!

If you interested in reading more about Megan’s views on the player’s style, check out this link.

Rachael: So, Meg, let’s get down to business: what did you think about the world series so far?  Homeruns seem to be the big story.

Megan: Offense is key this year. The game no longer revolves around pitchers duels– but instead is all about the long ball. In the finals last night, Florida and Arizona State combined for 7 home runs in 7 innings. Not to mention, Florida beat Alabama on Sunday 16-2 after hitting 4 homeruns.

Rachael: These high scoring games demonstrate a major shift in softball over the past few years. Big homerun hitters have dramatically changed the game.

Megan: Ultimately though the game’s unpredictable nature and fast- paced combination of short game and long ball is what makes for an exciting viewing experience.

Rachael: Another thing I noticed this year was a subtle, yet important change in ESPN’s introduction of the players. Last year the women were informally taped discussing their favorite musicians or movies when they were introduced. This year, the athletes were presented graphically on baseball cards which described where they were from and what position they played.

Megan: It seems as though ESPN decided to treat them more like professional athletes and less like Little Leaguers — which is fantastic.

Rachael: It’s not only great for the sport of softball to be taken more seriously but its also a big step for the female athletes to be treated as athletes first, individuals second.

Megan: Ok Rachael, most important question- who is going to win the series?

Rachael: I mean it seems like a no-brainer to me- Arizona State. They have dominated through the tournament. Combine freshman pitcher Dallas Escobedo’s unhittable rise ball with the best offense in the country and you have an unstoppable team. Oh, and they just killed Florida 14-4 yesterday.


Sorry Rach, but I have got go with my home team Florida. If this World Series has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen on any given day.  I would not be quite so sure that Arizona has this championship all wrapped up quite so soon.  Given Florida’s intensity, confidence and bats I think they can make it happen tonight.

Rachael: All right, well, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. One thing we can both agree upon though- what a great year it’s been for Women’s Softball!


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