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The “overhyped” US Women’s World Cup team (seriously?)

July 16, 2011 – 11:42 AM

By Rachael Goldenberg

Yesterday as I was discussing the amazingness that is the US Women’s Soccer team, my male colleague said to me “the team is ok, but it just seems really overhyped.”

Overhyped? Hmmm….

Has the team received obsessive, around the clock media coverage?












Banked million dollar payouts?

Have they inked hundred million dollar endorsements?











And don’t forget the over-the-top celebratory parade if they win.


Really? Female athletes overhyped?

And (in case it hasn’t been announced everywhere) the Women’s World Cup Championship airs Sunday at 2pm on ESPN.


  1. 3 Responses to “The “overhyped” US Women’s World Cup team (seriously?)”

  2. Thank you for such a great reminder. It does, however, make all the national news shows – and there have been some good side stories about some of the women on the team.

    By Ellen Shockro on Jul 17, 2011

  3. This is brilliant!!! Simply stated and powerful!

    While ultimately disappointing for the US, it was an awesome game. I couldn’t miss a minute….and I am not even a follower of soccer! Superb athletes played a superb match.

    By C Lorek on Jul 18, 2011

  4. I enjoy chatting up my favorite pro teams, Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins, of course a tennis pro, Rafa Nadel and not in the least Notre Dame football. Now add Abby Wambach, our hometown (Rochester, NY) heroine, a consummate team player who made critical goals and plays for her team. No way, is she overhyped, overcoming a slump and putting “her head” where it counts. I’m happy she and rest of the team are getting their overdue publicity. Maybe it will spawn the next group of players to win FIBA WC for both men and women!
    Rachel, I love the sport issues you bring to light!

    By Dawn from Rochester, NY on Jul 20, 2011

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