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Title IX: 40 years and three generations chart the change

June 21, 2012 – 10:15 PM

By Laura Pappano

For those of us who think and write about gender and sport, Title IX never seems adequately enforced, to go far enough, or to be effective enough in addressing the inequities in our culture around sport. And — still! — it’s often under fire, forcing us to ardently defend it, flaws and all.

Sometimes, however, you need to get out of your own strident way.  Title IX deserves its celebration: It has profoundly shaped the way we treat and view girls and young women.

To chart the progress, I asked my mother, JoAnne Pappano, and my two daughters, Olivia Lynch and Molly Lynch, to join me in thinking about what Title IX has meant to each of us. What follows are separate posts that I hope will reveal what seems compelling: The law has not just altered obvious boundaries, but has changed our interior landscapes and how we women think of ourselves.


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  2. Nobody wants to see a bunch of lesbians trying to APE men ; )

    By max on Jul 30, 2012

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