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This electronic turf is dedicated to seeking gender equity on – and off – the field. The strong connection between organized athletics and power (political, economic, social) means sports have consequences far beyond the game.

Title IX brought more women onto the playing field, but using rules and a structure that reinforced social beliefs about female inferiority. To this day, female athletes compete in events typically shorter in time, distance, or points (why is it that women’s Olympic badminton games go to 11 points and men’s to 15?); they get less publicity and support (even from educational institutions subject to Title IX); and are still barred from teams based solely on their sex ( even when they are qualified to play).

Most people don’t notice or think about this. But when it’s two or three dollars per ticket cheaper to see a college Division I women’s soccer team play than to see the men’s team play, it’s time to connect the dots. Such discrimination (this is but one example) is not about quality of play or competition or about making money. It is the logic so familiar to little girls on soccer fields and grown-up women in politics and business: Everyone assumes the males are just more worth watching.

This site exists to challenge such assumptions. Let’s make sports a tool for equality, not a vehicle for reinforcing sex-based stereotypes. Let’s make sports a Fair Game.

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